With joy and gratitude to Hashem
for the kindness He has bestowed on us
we take great pleasure in inviting you
to celebrate the marriage of our dear children
Mendel שיחי׳
Tamar תחי׳
Tuesday, the twenty-eight of Sivan, 5781
the eighth of June, 2021
Kabolas Ponim at four forty-five in the afternoon at
Oholei Menachem
667 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY
Chupah at six o'clock at
Lubavitch World Headquarters
770 Eastern Parkway
Dinner following the Chupah at Oholei Menachem
Simchas Chosson V'kallah at nine thirty

With heartfelt prayers for the immediate redemption

Akiva & Toby Perl
Brooklyn, NY
Avi & Miriam Malka Riskin
S Francisco, CA

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